Why Xtend?

The need for effective and convenient service delivery around the world is one of the main challenges that society faces. Whether it be educational, healthcare related, training, or administrative – there are significant barriers reaching those that need these services. Through our extensive experience in mobility – delivering much – needed services – we acquired the expertise required in our industry. We saw the need to create the Xtend platform for any organisation to deliver their chosen service using our expertise.

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What does Xtend Do?

Xtend is the platform that enables entrepreneurs, NGOs, Governmental departments and corporate entities to deliver their service, product, or solution directly to their target market. Xtend-certified mobile units give partners around the world the ability to efficiently run large-scale mobile initiatives – from project planning to implementation and ongoing operations. Xtend’s extensive understanding of mobile service delivery also positions as an advisor to anyone wishing to use mobility as a strategy for service delivery.

Xtend’s manufacturing partners offer mobiles via various short or long term models, and clients are able to choose between standardised or customised vehicle designs. Xtend’s operating partners supply specially trained operators, ongoing maintenance support and complete platform and project management. Included in Xtend’s global platform is our custom developed software, which has been built in collaboration with our in-house technology team. It allows clients and operating partners to manage their mobile solutions and support vehicles, collaborate internally and with clients, track service delivery and even measure project impact.

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What does Xtend bring to the table?

With 13 years of experience in service delivery, Xtend has become the experts in last mile service delivery. Xtend has carried out over 50 mobile service delivery projects, performed throughout Africa in collaboration with a vast variety of partners from both the private and public sectors.

Our platform business model creates an ecosystem of which our various partners interact and benefit off of each other, this ecosystem creates an environment for collaboration and new business opportunities.

With technology at the core of its global solution, Xtend has developed the specialised GUUD software in collaboration with our in-house technology team.

As a result of many years of experience, Xtend has refined and implemented standardised operating and manufacturing procedures to all of its partners.

Xtend also allows for a collaborative online platform for partners in any region to have clear communication, complete transparency and access to an extensive, ever-growing global knowledge base promoting continuous innovation, thus allowing our network to innovate and grow along with us.