Mobile schools health

Mobile Schools Health has treated over 150,000 children in primary schools across South Africa. With our top-of-the-range mobile clinics and comprehensive management of the programme, we have provided learners in under-served communities with three main preventative health services in under 30 minutes per child: primary healthcare, optometry, and oral healthcare.

Mobile Schools Health is a social business that works with public and private partners to deliver preventative healthcare services to under-privileged primary school learners across South Africa. We support our clients and partners from project planning all the way through operations – ensuring sustainable, cost-effective mobile healthcare interventions.

Mobile Schools Health prides itself on transparency, reliability, and accountability. All of the Mobile Schools Health mobile clinics are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring not only the delivery of quality healthcare services to vulnerable communities but also allowing investors to track their projects in real-time – giving them accurate feedback on their investment’s impact..