Xtend starts with an external client, whether it be a governmental department, an NGO, entrepreneur or any organization wishing to leverage mobility to deliver their services. The external client will interact with an Xtend Solution Partner. This solution partner is an operating entity that has been carefully selected by Xtend to carry out a specific solution. For example, the Xtend Schools Health solution is a niche cause identified by Xtend, then Xtend’s method to deliver this solution was researched, refined and developed into a template like approach allowing it to be carried out by actual operating entities (solution partners). The solution partners are their own entities that are simply using Xtend’s approach, as well as Xtend’s specialized infrastructure specifically tailored to vehicular service delivery. This infrastructure consists of an Xtend licensed vehicle manufacturer, an operating partner which provides all maintenance, operations, staffing, and warranty support to keep the project running smoothly, as well as a specially developed software (GUUD) that was built specifically for mobile initiatives.