Xtend Administration

The uses of vehicular service delivery extend far past social impact projects. In many cases, a mobile unit can carry out a service more efficiently and with a greater reach than the traditional brick and mortar facilities. Xtend has found that vehicular service delivery caters very well to government provided administered services, such as those carried out by traffic departments.

Xtend Administration has positioned itself as a platform for the delivery of administrative services to the whole of Africa. Vehicular service delivery is a sustainable, cost effective and flexible solution to fulfilling Africa’s administrative needs. 

Our solution gives the ability to solution partners to support government agencies and organisations in transferring their services to exponentially improve organisational effectiveness and service delivery. In some cases, our solutions operate in remote locations and poor socio-economic conditions, and it is likely that citizens in these ares may never have accessed these services otherwise.

The unique platform that we have created allows us to mobilise our clients’ services, and reduces the need for fixed infrastructures. The platform furthermore creates the opportunity to plug in a number of supplementary services – ensuring optimal return on investment and maximum social impact

The Xtend Administration model has been used to service a variety of needs, including unemployment registration, liquor license applications, business registration in informal communities, housing applications, land claims, builders registration, consumer protection and drivers license renewals.

Solution partners