Xtend schools health

The Xtend Schools Health solution was created with a focus on improving access to preventative healthcare for school going children, allowing for early detection and correction of simple health errors before they become disabling matters.

The Xtend Schools Health solution primarily focuses on three main areas of care: Optometry, primary healthcare and dentistry.


Approximately 19 million children around the world are visually impaired and out of this, 12 million are due to refractive areas. These issues can easily be corrected with a pair of glasses. It is a situation that is not only robbing children across the world of education and better livelihoods but is also costing the global economy millions.

Research has shown that up to 80% of learning takes place through vision, so children with impaired vision and no glasses are at a great disadvantage when it comes to education. Correcting these children’s vision with properly prescribed glasses makes an immediate and lasting impact as it improves learning and has a bigger impact on academic performance than any other health intervention.

Any company operating under the Xtend Schools Health brand will employ qualified optometrists that perform comprehensive eye and vision examinations, medication is administered and glasses are prescribed and dispensed to those who need them.

Primary Healthcare

2,2 million children die each year because they are not immunised, and in order for learners to achieve their potential they must be healthy, attentive and emotionally secure. Millions children are behind, or have not yet received basic vaccinations and general healthcare. Increasing access to primary healthcare also lowers overall healthcare costs by preventing diseases or treating them before they become a serious issue.

Any company operating the Xtend Schools Health brand will employ a primary healthcare nurse that performs screenings which include monitoring of growth and nutrition, fine and gross motor skills, immunisations, deworming etc. on fully equipped mobile clinics.


60% to 80% of school going children are affected by tooth decay. Our main focus is on preventive dentistry such as administering fissure sealants that reduce the risk of decay and cavities. This ultimately reduces the number of invasive treatments, such as extractions, required at a later stage in learners’ lives. Qualified oral hygienists on Xtend Schools Health mobile clinics provide extensive oral health education, scaling and polishing, fluoride treatments and fissure sealants. In rural areas, qualified dentists are available on the mobiles to perform any necessary extractions or advanced treatments.

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